Update 2013-11-09 Most people are simply searching for “DSLR video” and the term HDSLR I think is fading from popularity – so we’ll use both just to try to get the search engine’s attention
The correct word to describe DSLR camera which are able to shoot video is HDSLR. The H stands for HYBRID, as in stills & video. Tho some people think that it is HD (as in High Definition) SLR. Either way, HDSLR seems to be the acronym most commonly used – tho I also see DSLR video a lot.

And “Video DSLR” biggest flaw is that it push on the side the stills part of the camera.

That is why you should always use HDSLR and propagate it on the net!

Note: Canon often uses the term HD-DSLR – we’ve tried to convert them to HDSLR, but heck, they’re a big company and can ignore me if they want 😉

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