It really depends on three things:

  • What is your budget?
  • What do you want to do?
  • What kind of time commitment do you have to learn the tool?


Motion is cheap. Very cheap! At 50$, it is hard to find an application that does so much for so little money and simply based on this, we could argue that it delivers incredible value.
AE targets mostly people from the FX and movie industry, hence its high price point.
What do you want to do?

If you only desire to create nice looking motion graphics for your video, custom lower thirds and opening sequences, Motion is all you need. It does these tasks ridiculously easily. On top of this you can add some basic post production capabilities such as image stabilization, green screening and color correction.

On the other side, AE is feature rich. Whatever you want to do, chances are that AE can do it. Seriously, it can do everything which is why it is used in all but the most high end post production studios. You can’t go wrong with AE, but you have to wonder if you really need all this power.

Time commitment

While Motion can be learned at a reasonable level in a weekend, AE is the opposite. The lack of consistency between some features means that it is not always obvious how to transfer knowledge between one part of the application and another. What else to expect from an application that can handle anything from complex compositing to key framing vector animation?


While it is tempting to play it safe and tell yourself that it is better to use the most comprehensive software you can find (same thing could be said of people using Photoshop vs Element or Pixelmator), it is rarely a good idea. From what I see on Vimeo, most HDSLR users would do fine with the “limited” features of Motion. Only lean toward AE if you are planning to revolve your career around it, only then will the time investment will pay off.

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