(Update 2013-11-23 – this first bit is a bit old — notice the update about ShutterCount below) – You cannot find the true actuation count without sending the body to Canon, however AstroJargon’s 40D shutter count does a very good job of getting close – you just don’t get a count of any actuations made in LiveView.

Note that if you have a Canon camera and are willing to install it, Magic Lantern version 2.3 has a shutter count function in it! See our review of Magic Lantern.

Update 2013-11-09: There’s now a new utility for the mac called ShutterCount that will give you accurate shutter counts (actuations)… see this new planet5D blog post

Mac App Store - ShutterCount   App Store

Other cameras?

I don’t have a clue at this point about other cameras… do you guys know if Nikon or Panasonic etc. have a shutter count?

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