Placing the microphone as close as possible to the talent is a rule! You may be very comfortable using a mic like the RØDE VideoMic Pro mounted on your camera, but you also by now probably know you need to be closer. And sometimes even a shotgun mic placed over the talent’s head is difficult to manage – so your best bet is to place the mic on the actor/interviewee directly.

However accomplishing that can be very interesting especially if your talent is new to having a mic on their person – especially since in many cases you want the mic as invisible as possible.

Sometimes your talent will not be used to wearing a mic, and therefore they may be a little uncomfortable. What you need to do is to assure them you know what you’re doing (even if you’re new at it), and if they become uncomfortable to let you know, and you will let them do some of the placement themselves.

Much more info

If you’re looking for a lot more info on placing mics, this ebook is fantastic – it not only contains tons of info, but it includes many videos to walk you thru the processes and tips:

Down to the Wire

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You want great sound because your project will look better the second it sounds better. Learn to use lavaliers the right way by learning tips the pros know. You might be surprised; a simple adjustment in your technique could save you hours in post-production!


  • Over 150 pages of information on how to capture better sound on your next project
  • Step by step videos broken down by talent’s wardrobe
  • Learn about the different sound qualities between a shotgun microphone and a lavalier
  • Learn set etiquette
  • Get acquainted with the tools you will need to get the job done right and how to use them effectively
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