We’ve posted several stories on planet5D about cameras being dumped into water and in many cases, if you do the right things, you’ll save your camera.

the key seems to be to make sure that you don’t turn it on right away and after you pull it out, let it dry out for many days – especially in large vat of dry, uncooked rice. The rice will wick the moisture out.

Here’s another story we just found: “The Day my Canon EOS 5D Mark II went for a swim…”

The real issue can be the salinity of the water. Salt water corrodes quickly. If you drop in the ocean, you can probably consider your camera a brick.

When I started working at an electronics manufacturing shop, I was surprised to see circuit boards being washed. The key was the water was free of impurities.

Any tips you have?

Have you dunked your camera? Did it survive?

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