The process is really quite easy – you may be a bit cautious about it as it does seem a bit scary, but don’t fret, follow the video below and you’ll get thru it very easily

Do be aware tho: you do want to make sure you have a completely charged battery as you don’t want the power to die in this process. If it does, your camera will be making a trip to the repair shop!

Here’s a video demo:

here’s the official Canon video:

Magic Lantern?

If you want some additional functionality on your Canon DSLR, have a look at this free ebook on software called Magic Lantern – it has tons of special features that Canon didn’t install!

By the way, here’s the planet5D review of Magic Lantern 2.3


  • Audio:
    • Change source
    • Wind filter
    • Mic power settings
    • Switch off Auto Gain Control (AGC)
    • Headphone monitoring (requires cable)
    • Audio Meters on screen
  • Exposure:
    • White balance
    • ISO
    • Shutter speed
    • Aperture
    • picture style
    • Exposure override
  • On screen overlay:
    • Zebras (over exposure)
    • Focus Peaking (also known as focus assist)
    • Magic Zoom
    • Cropmarks (see the right screen ratio while recording!)
    • False Color
    • Histogram in video with live updating
    • Waveform in video with live updating
    • Vector scope live
  • Movie mode:
    • Change video bit rate – constant or variable bit rate
    • Movie Logging (get text file with clip settings)
    • Movie auto restart at 12 minute end (does include 2-3 second delay tho)
    • Recording/not recording notification (large red slash when not recording)
    • HDR Video! (records alternating frames at 100ISO and 1250ISO )
  • Photography (stills – remember them?):
    • HDR Bracketing
    • Intervalometer! (Canon – still don’t know why you can’t build this in!)
    • Bulb/Focus ramping on timelapse (attempts to adjust for change in daylight at sunset for example)
    • Take a photo on these situations: LCD face detection / Loud sound (clap for example) / Motion detection
  • Misc:
    • Shutter count function!
    • Sensor temperature detection
    • battery level %
    • Full Magic Lantern manual is in-camera – and accessible for each screen option
  • MORE! There’s so much in here it is impossible to cover it all
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