Sadly, no. But the incidence of card failures is really really low, but we all know that if it happens, it will be painful.

but if you read this thread on the planet5D forums, you’ll find an excellent recommendation by Dave:

When ever we buy new cards (and we have about 40 now!) the first thing I do is :


  • format
  • fill ’em up
  • read ’em off

..and repeat at least 3 times before we ever use it for a paid job. That way I know I’ve got a good card (or not).

So I asked if they were shooting stills (which would take a long time to fill up a card) or something else:

We record video in-camera. It sits on a tripod recording the TV so we know we’re getting moving pictures and sound rather than a single static image. It’s also how we test new gear (including batteries!). It sits in the office and runs and runs until we’re happy it’s all stable, otherwise it doesn’t go on a shoot.

In the past I’d fill the cards with still images because it was quicker, but cards are so big now that I’m not going to trash the shutter life just for the sake of it.

Obviously, that won’t totally guarantee a card won’t go bad during a shoot, but I think it at least gives you a more comfortable feeling about the card.

More – added 2013-11-26

Found this article:

Memory Cards – How to Extend Their Life and Keep Them Healthy

Any tips you have?

Do you have a way to test a card before you use it? Share below!

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