A very common question that is asked often – and the answer is that it totally depends on your goals and what you want to do with your career.

Video is indeed a huge growth field and will continue to grow for the next decade at least. Studies show that the usage of video on the internet is exploding.

One projection of the growth of video on the internet

One projection of the growth of video on the internet

Many re-post stats from Cisco (maker of internet routing equipment) who puts out a report on their projections of internet growth every year. Here’s one quick quote from the 2013 report:

Globally, consumer Internet video traffic will be 69 percent of all consumer Internet traffic in 2017, up from 57 percent in 2012.

Ok, so growth in video is continuing to explode, but that doesn’t tell me what I should do – right

Of course it doesn’t answer the question – it still depends on what you feel like doing with your career. I say follow your passion. If that’s photography, then learn it, do it, do it differently than everyone else, and you’ll make money doing it.

Learning to shoot video isn’t easy (and then again it can be – just look at all the internet stars on youtube shooting with nothing but an iPhone)… but doing it right takes skills – but they’re all skills you can learn. Heck, that’s one reason why this site is here! We’ll help you with that.

But, since you most likely have a DSLR that shoots video (if you’ve purchased one within the last 4 years you probably do – if not, maybe you should start with a Canon Rebel T5i), why not spend some time learning (and you’ll find plenty of learning opportunities on our [email protected]).

If you spend a little time learning to shoot video, you’ll expose yourself to new experiences and may find a new passion. You may also find that you don’t care for it. That’s ok.

Doing both

There are plenty of opportunities to shoot both photos and video – weddings are a perfect example. Many brides (notice how people always leave out the groom?) hire one crew to shoot photos and one to shoot video.

Now, it isn’t easy to do both if you’re a one man team, but it can be done and if you have the skills, you can market yourself differently than all the others who are simply photographers. If you’re using an assistant and both of you can shoot video, it certainly expands your marketability. That’s just one example.


So you can see, it isn’t cut and dried. You need to learn new skills (tho many things you know from photography will give you a leg up on someone just starting from scratch). But learning those new skills will help your photography and open you up for possible changes to your services – which is great for your career.

Photography is not dying and you should be able to continue to make money – there will always be a demand for still images.

But explosive growth is in the video industry.

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